Friday, April 24, 2009


Hey guys, recently I've come across 2 awesome sites that I would love to share with you! Please go visit them, they're pretty cool. Go here and here to check them out! Thanks!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Black Holes Not So Dark After all?

Black Holes. These massive, terrifying giant of a vacuum that sucks EVERYTHING in proximity into itself, are a simple legend to most people. But they are real, and they are amazing! Blackholes are basically an big chunk of matter that has SO much matter stuffed into one point, and is SO dense, that they have a massively strong gravity. Anyone that gets even near it will get sucked in and squished to a pulp. Even light cannot escape its gravity! Therefore, nobody has even seen a blackhole. But recent studies show, that when a blackhole sucks in gas, the gas is heated up to 1000times hotter than our sun, causing the entire blackhole to glow and to emit powerful x-rays! This means that scientists, with the right equipment can now see blackholes! For more information check out this site: . Amazing!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today, my Dad got a call from the building he manages. (He's this manager for a building in Vancouver). It was one of the tenants saying that the fire alarm went off, and he sees smoke! So my Dad, who was just about to eat dinner, rushes over there. The fire department and the police EVERYBODY was standing outside when he got there. So he used his master key and opened the door where the smoke was coming from... and it turns out that some stupid person forgot to turn off his shower and left it on for hours at full heat... triggering the smoke detector with it's steam. And here was everybody worrying and and panicking that the building was going to burn down... ALL BECAUSE OF ONE GUYS MISTAKE. Whatever, at least no one got hurt, right?


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Time Travel!

Apparently, there IS such thing as time travel! In fact if i move forward right now, im traveling SLOWER through time! According to Einstein that is. He stated in his theory of Special Relativity that we are constantly moving through Time at the Speed of Light. And NOTHING in this universe can go faster than Light( I will now refer to Speed of Light as Speed C). Therefore if I am in a car going 10miles per hour, i am moving Speed C through time PLUS 10miles per hour through space. Therefore i am moving 10miles per hour FASTER than light. Which is impossible. So.. to compensate i must take away 10miles/per hour AWAY from my speed through light. So for me i am aging slower than everyone else. That is why when astronauts go out to space, they return and they are younger than everybody else!

So if i had a twin, and i went to the nearest star and back at 90% the speed of light(a journey of about 4 years) and my twin stayed on earth... i would get there, take some pictures, eat my lunch and come back, i would've only seemed maybe a few minutes had passed for me, but on earth.. 8 YEARS HAVE PASSED! AND MY TWIN WOULD BE 8 YEARS OLDER THAN ME!

Don't believe me? This has been proven! Clocks in satellites orbiting earth have to be adjusted every morning because they are always slow! In fact if one day scientist managed to find a way to move at the speed of light, TIME WOULD STAND STILL AND WE WOULD NEVER AGE.

Confusing huh? Well... search it up! Go on wikipedia or something search "Einsteins Special Relativity"


Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to all my supporters that have helped me with this blog. With they're help, I've had my page loaded 199 times! This might mean 199 people visited my web, or my web was visited 199 times! That is awesome! Way better than a few days ago when only 1 person was here!

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Astroid Might Hit Mars!

Scientists have recently discovered an astroid that might collide into Mars on Jan. 30th! Scientists say there is a 1 in 25 chance that an astroid might hit Mars, making a crater half a mile long! Many people are hoping the astroid DOES hit as it might be "cool". Though it wouldn't be so "cool" if that astroid was heading towards Earth would it...?


10th Planet?

Apparently, a tenth planet has just been discovered! Well not JUST discovered, about 2 years ago and nobody even told me? I just read it somewhere! It's called Eris or something. Next time if there's news THIS BIG, could somebody please tell me?